Exercise Tips For Men At Work

A big part of maintaining a healthy body along with a good looking figure is in getting enough exercise as part of your daily routine. Sure, that statement is not exactly a state secret, but it is surprising just how many men ignore that side of their health and then wonder why they are gaining weight. If you are one of those people who in particular lead a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps because of the job you do, then here are some useful exercise tips that might help you to turn things around.

When you are stuck in an office at a desk for most of your day, the worst thing for you is to stay put and never take breaks. You can change this situation by taking short five minute breaks every so often and use that time to get out of your chair and simply go for a walk around the building. If there any stairs, this is a great opportunity to run up and down them once or twice, just to get the blood circulating around your body and to remind your leg muscles what they are for.

Another thing you can do is while you are sitting at your desk is to give your arms some light exercise and you can do this without anyone needing to know that you are doing anything out of the ordinary. A set of hand squeezers is a great piece of mini equipment to have at your desk because you can absent mindedly squeeze away while you are not typing or writing and this gives the muscles in your hands and your forearms a light workout while nothing much else is going on. If you don’t have a set, then buy a set!

Another desk exercise you can do without any equipment is to place your hands, palms facing upwards under the desk and push upwards, in a similar way to how you would do barbell curls except without the equipment and with your hands flat. Push for several seconds then relax, then repeat as often as you can. This actually exercises your biceps and forearms without doing any movement, so no one need even know that you’re doing it!

There are many very useful and easy to do weight loss tips for men that incorporate simple exercises that you can do while at work and not let on to anyone that you are getting a mini workout on the company’s time! Of course, you shouldn’t overdo these exercises or you will break out into a sweat and go red in the face, which are a sure giveaway that you are doing something you are not meant to be doing! But for helping to keep your weight under control and to prevent your body from getting too lazy, these are excellent tricks to make use of.