Nutrisystem Encourages Participants to Understand Their Spirit Animal

Not everyone responds equally well to the same diet. Some can thrive on a specific eating plan by quickly losing weight while simultaneously gaining energy. Another person could attempt the same plan with the same commitment and fail miserably. The reason is simple. People are different. Even when they are similar in age, height and weight. Their bodies metabolize differently, one may have health concerns not experienced by the other and their personalities could be polar opposites. The best diet is one that is adjustable to the person undertaking the effort. However, the first step to successful dieting is through self-awareness and this is what nutrisystem is helping people to do with their weight loss spirit animal questionnaire.

The quiz may seem playful and amusing but the questions are genuine. They aim to help people discover the traits that control how people respond to the effort of getting in shape. It addresses the two most common preferences that affect dieting.

  • The preferred choice between grazing on small snacks or meals throughout the day or eating larger meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Exercising more enthusiastically alone or with the guidance and encouragement of others.

Additional questions about relaxation and energy levels help to narrow down the options for dieters that fall into more than one category.

Once these questions are answered it is possible to determine the mindset of the individual dieter and offer suggestions that would help them to avoid common hurdles. For example, wolves prefer to run in packs. People that are paired with a wolf as their spirit animal will typically remain more dedicated to a group exercise program. Dolphins need challenges masquerading as playful fun and Jaguars need immediate change and a consistently varied solo exercise program to maintain their attention.

Obviously, finding a diet spirit animal will not lead to instant weight loss or make those midnight cravings any easier. What it will do is point out how different people are from their friend, neighbor or the person whose blog they read daily. Dieting is an individual process that people must adapt to meet their own personalities. Expecting to match the exact experience of someone else is an almost certain way to encourage failure.